Journal Assesment


I will use the journal to asses your development during the course. I do not expect your first posts to be of a high standard but I do expect everyone to met the conditions of a good ToK journal post by the end of the first year.

I will comment on all of your posts (sooner or later) and will place an evaluation comment on it too. I will keep track of your posts and my evaluation of them and use this as well as class performance to monitor your understanding.

The descriptors for level of achievement are as follows:

1. The post has little or no ToK content

2. The post uses ToK terminology but superficially and the link to ToK is tenuous.

3. The post uses ToK terminology successfully and talks about ToK content but does not contain a KQ

4. The post uses ToK terminology successfully with strong links to ToK content and contains a KQ

5. The post uses a well formulated knowledge question and is explored successfully using a real life example/s, exploring perspectives and identifying the implications.


What is a ToK Journal? What do I have to do?

The ToK journal is a place where you are expected to record your reflections as we progress through the course. It helps prepare you for the essay and presentation as you will have to relate things that you see in the media, your course or personal life to knowledge issues and questions.

A good ToK entry should be about something that interests you but also be about how this issue relates to knowledge in a wider context as well. You should find stories in the news, things you learn in class or even things that happen to you personally and find the knowledge issues and questions that are implicit within them.

I will not ask for a specific length of entry or be judging you on your English expression (though being clear and accurate is important to being unerstood) though I will be commenting on the quality of your analysis and insight.

Follow this link to a ToK journal entry example.