To what extent can we state the arts main purpose is communication?

Artists use the arts to share information.  For example, as we saw in our Spanish classes, most authors’ purpose when creating their stories is to be read. Not only does this happen in literature, but also in other art creations such as advertisement spots or paintings themselves. Gabriel García Marquez wrote “Cien años de soledad” to show

Edvard Munch, (1987). The Scream.

Europeans the different culture Latin-Americans had and to complain about the imposition of colonizer’s culture.  Moreover, Munch’s “The Scream” reflects the terrifying feeling society deeply felt towards industrialization. His aim when painting this drawing was to express this feeling, to try to express a common emotion and communicate it.


However, some art creations don’t have this goal. Prehistorical drawings painted in caves, such as the ones in the cave of

Wikipedia, (2017). Cueva de Altamira.

Altamira (Santander) are believed to have a religious meaning. It is said they were painted when doing rituals. This means there was no purpose of communicating, but to carry out those religious events.


In conclusion, art has different intentions depending on the artist that creates it. It can intend to communicate, but this transmission of information is not required for something to be art. As Oscar Wild stated in an essay, arts is “Art for art’s sake”.


One thought on “To what extent can we state the arts main purpose is communication?

  1. Hi Silvia,

    This is a nice discussion on the subject of art and you have included many ideas seen in class. You draw the conclusion that some art may not try to communicate anything but instead serve a religious purpose. Could you not argue that this in itself is a form of communication?

    I like that you have drawn an implication. In order to improve you could compare the intention of art with the intentions of another area of knowledge to see what the similarities and differences are.

    5. The post uses a well formulated knowledge question and is explored successfully using a real life example/s


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