How can a good leader use the different ways of knowing for effective communication and interaction with employees?


When talking about business and the parts that involves, we can find that a very important section is related to human resources and everything that involves it from the management, communication, motivation and the types of leadership that a business might decide to use.

During this last evaluation we have covered the topic related to employees and employers and therefore have seen that mangers and leaders are key to perform and have a successful business profit where it is finance or ethical rewards.

Some of the latest articles and websites reveal that leaders relay a lot on different ways of knowing in order to show other employees how to perform and act seriously and effectively in every single moment.

For example, leaders have to make sure that they are emotional and therefore think about how to explain things and how this might affects the employees. They also relay on language as depending on it, they might be ordering different things and dividing the employees into different levels of hierarchy.

As another way, the also tend to have faith within their employees because a lot of times they have to leave them do thing alone and take the risk in order to developed new ideas and find new resources.

As great leaders, they are also allowed to use intuition and show to their lowers how to solve an issue with simple ideas instead of having to innovate and think from the beginning because business have to know how and where to respond at any time.

On the other hand, it could be discuss that there are various ways of knowing that are not as important another such as sense perceptions or even memory, but the fact is that every single way of knowing is linked one to another in some way an therefore all of them are used by leaders to help their employees and guide them into the right direction.

Sometimes when you ask a leader about all of this ways, they might note even think about them when they work but they are always presents and everyone has a tendency to either use one more than another. This is simply because our rational tends to work better fro example with intuition where as for another person, the memory might be a better option and therefore developed new ideas these way.

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One thought on “How can a good leader use the different ways of knowing for effective communication and interaction with employees?

  1. Hi Socorro,

    This is a good description point by point of how the ways of knowing work. The way you talk about the WOK however is like a recipe for knowing, a little bit of memory plus a little emotion makes a good manager…

    Try to think about how the ways of knowing are used in different ways in different areas of knowing and compare it with other AoK to produce more meaningful analysis.

    4. The post uses ToK terminology successfully with strong links to ToK content and contains a KQ


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