Can we gain knowledge from a lie?


The answer to the question above is yes. In order to understand this claim, we can look at the following example, which focuses on math.

In many cases mathematical errors provide us information. For example, if we look at a statistical study, because of the  existing inaccuracy caused by sampling, there will always be an error range.

Plato once defined knowledge as ” a justified true belief.”

In the case of  an statistical study, we could consider the error the true belief. We can justify it’s veracity with the following statement.  The error exists due to an inaccuracy in the mathematical results, originated because not all of the possible/available data were  used to do the calculations and obtain the study’s results.

In this example, the error provides us information about the reliability of the study.

At first, we may consider the truth, however we may consider there is a “Lie” or within this truth based on it’s inaccuracy, which would be the error, as the study does not perfectly reflect reality. Nonetheless, the error can provide some truth about this inaccuracy and therefore, the reliability of the study. Hence, yes, we may gain knowledge and information from a lie ( the error).

Resultado de imagen de maths



One thought on “Can we gain knowledge from a lie?

  1. Hi Alma,

    This is a fantastic and very original piece of writing. Very interesting.

    Try to use real life examples that you can quote, eg, make reference to a real study.

    Try to take implications from your conclusions. In mathematics we can, but what about (insert a different AOK)?

    4. The post uses ToK terminology successfully with strong links to ToK content and contains a KQ


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