To what extent can a cultural and social context have an influence on the comprehension of a text?


As students we tend to work and study with a whole range of different texts. This might vary depending on the subject, topic and even language in which it is written. During the Spanish A classes, we normally have to read certain books, analyse them and with the information that we take out, we either have to write a creative essay or a piece of writing like an article.


In order to analyse this text, the reader must take into account the cultural and social content. Meaning where the text we written, when for example the year and the history periods, and the social issues that up come the author for example if he was Spanish and wrote about the civil war 10 years ago or 70 year ago because the meaning of the text will be different and the analysis will give different information.


A clear example can be seen in text and books from Shakespeare. Othello, Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet were written in the XV century by and English author who had certain social an political ideas, for example being against the royalty.


If we change the context of this to another country saying Japan, that is was written 20 years ago and instead of a men by a woman, the text as much as it will be a good one, would not express the same.


Language helps to understand this but we can see that when talking about knowledge, language is just a method to share information through patterns in a simple way but it does include the only way to share knowledge.


Indeed, social and cultural references take an important part in the understanding books because in more occasions that we think, the author bases his ideas into was is happening in the current days or basing his statements into pasts history situations like a war, a victory or a royalty succession.


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