Is mathematics independant of culture?

Mathematics is one of the eight areas of knowledge and therefore, it is present in all countries of the world. Even people who have never attended school and are illiterate use maths in their daily lifes; for example when they have to count cows. However, even though everyone uses it, is it really independant of culture or is maths interpreted in different ways depending on the country and culture you belong to?

For example religious knowledge systems which is another area of knowledge is clearly linked to culture but mathematics is completely different; it has nothing to do culture.

An english person, a spanish person, a chinese person and an arab; every type of person would come to the same result of an equation if done correct, without having anything to do with where they are from. It is true that spanish and english people don´t use the same method of doing divisions, but the result is the same in both cultures.

One plus one equals two in all parts of the world. In Arabia Saudi the number one is written like this: وَاحِد and in Spain like this: 1; but in both countries it represents a unit of something.

In conclusion, mathematics is an area of knowledge which is independant of culture bearing in mind some aspects as methods or symbols might differ; however, the meaning and result doesn´t change.



1O, G. (2017). GRAMATICA 25 – NUMEROS DEL 1 AL 1O. [online] Available at: [Accessed 13 May 2017].


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