What role does emotion play in supporting official claims?

An article in the newspaper El País stated the six more important days in the XXI century; the attack to the USA from Al Qaeda, the Brexit, the chinese entry in the OMC (organización mundial del comercio), the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the first black american president and the agreement to reduce climate change.

All of these dates, affected not only one person, but many countries. But many other events have ocurred in the last years that have not been considered. So, who decides which event is more important that the other one? How do they come to this agreement?

Emotion takes place in almost every decision we make. But when it comes to an official fact, the individual making that decision should have the most objective point of view as possible.

Eventhough they have to be objective, they have to analyse the event. They have to research and find out who was affected and what the consecuences will be. In this part, emotion has to take place in order to be able to see this data.

In conclusion, to report official claims, reporters/writers should be able to difference when to have emotion in mind and when they should not, to give the most trustworthy information.



Should we be able to decide who dies or lives?

‘Let my husband die’: Wife, 40, begs judges to let her policeman partner’s life support machine be turned off after he suffered brain injuries in a motorcycle crash – despite doctors saying he should live. (Title of an article in the Daily Mail.)

We have seen in many movies or heard stories of people who has dieds because of euthanasia. There have been many disputes of wheter this should be legal or not.

In my opinion, we should not have the power to decide who dies or lives. For example, if we kill a murderer, we will become a murderer without exception. People will say that it is ok to end the life of someone who has killed, but why can someone decide who lifes or dies? Who has the power to say that? If you kill a person, you are ending his/her life without exception.

It would only be acceptable if the person you want to “kill” is suffering from a terminal illness, in my opinion. If you can make that person, who you love, stop suffering from something that will end up killing him/her, and you are sure of that, finishing his/her life would be the best option.

In the other hand, killing someone because that person has done something wrong is unethical. For example, in prison. Eventhough euthanasia is not legal in every country, there are hundreds of deaths in a year because of it. Death is not always the best penalty, I think that being in prison for the rest of your life is a better punishment that euthanasia. The person being punished will suffer a lot more and will have more time to think over what he/she has done wrong.

A real exaple would be one I saw in The Daily Mail. A woman wanted to disconnect his husband´s life support machine. The husband had a terrible accident that caused him to be in this condition. ” They say he is unable to speak, make any informed decisions or and has no independent control of his body – but could live for the best part of a decade if kept alive with treatment. His wife has decided to switch off the machine so he can die with “dignity”, despite that her hunsband could get better.

This example shows us that we should not have the authority to disconnect someone from life. The emotions and the moment can make you take wrong decisions that you will regret the rest of your life. So to be able to make such a decision, everything should be taken into account; from the situation to tour emotions.

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To what extent are social networks affecting our studies?

Nowadays everyone is connected to one another all the time. In the past, communication between people was more restricted by distance or nationality, but these days this obstacles are not a problem any more.

We like to be part of a group and we are constantly following and doing what that group does, this is our nature, and this is one reason why we always want to be connected, to know what the rest of group is doing.

We have been said that being part of a social website will give you opportunities and that it is essential in order to get a job. But maybe being part of these can just give you  bad image. When we are older and we apply to get a job, the person in charge of the interview will surely look you up in social websites, and what he/she sees in the internet will be the first impression that person will have of you, this impression can be goos or bad, that is up to us.

But how does social networks affect our studies? One of the most important things of a student are studying, learning new things and acquiring knowledge to become  better people. But nowadays, the process to gain this basis is put in risk by all the social networks that surround sudents.

It is true that the internet will be the future one day, but students still need to have some moral principles that will not gain through the internet but through experience.

Social networks are designed to be addicted, and being addicted to them can cause bad habits in the students  and this can have a impact in their work in the future. But, eventhough, these networks can have a bad impact in students, they also help them be in contact with the rest of the world.




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Can one model ever represent an entire economy with precision?

A model is a represetation of something, normally a system, used to study some characteristics.

Eventhough models give us a very accurate idea, we can not rely on it as if it were facts. It is just an idea on how things are and what people think.

An entire economy can never be represented by one model. This would not be accurate at all because it would only be represeting one part of it. To reproduce it, it would be neccessary to do more than one model in more than one area and many other studies to support the model and to make it more reliable, but it would still not be 100% trustfull.




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Does faith play a role in Mathematics?

Faith is trust, it is believing in something or someone without question or doubt.

In the subject of mathematics, faith plays a main role. Since we were little, teachers have taught us that 1+1=2, they did not give us any explanation for that, we just believed what they said and learnt it. Later on, when we gained knowledge, we were able to understand why 1+1=2, but this wasn´t until we were older and had acquired skills to be able to understand why this was like this.

This happens with most of the content of this subject. We need to have faith in the teacher and believe that what she/he is saying is right.

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TOK is a unique feature of the IB Diploma that will not give you seven points, but it is foundational for every Diploma Programme student. This course makes you look and think about knowledge from many different angles and perspectives.

This course is unique because it brings together all the knowledge that is learned in all the other subjects. It makes us associate the academic information with our thoughts, feelings and actions, and this makes easier the comprehension of the subject.

With this study, habits of mind and character are formed in the students from the experience on how knowledge is constructed and applied to the wold´s problems. This is a very important feature from this course as well as the capacity of mind and a skills that will be beneficial for our studies and education.

In conclusion, the objective of the IB Diploma is that students acquire the intellectual honesty and to appreciate the new ways of knowing and learning.